As the Covid crisis worsens with the Delta variant, no national mask mandate, practically no closures and next to no federal government leadership I’m noticing a disrupting trend with various left wing folks who want to stand in lock step with the American healthcare system to raise insurance prices on the unvaxed. This is absolutely counter productive towards public health and incompatible with any type of progressive value set that should value healthcare for all. If one agrees with this policy , they are caving to a Regan type barbarism that personal responsibility is the core issue and that unvaxxed should be punished with higher rates. Second, if the goal is to get everyone vaccinated, how is further alienating them from a healthcare system the anti vax already distrust going to get us closer to that goal? Finally, why would anyone trust the left to govern or lead anything if it panders with the political class towards charging the “undesirables” more, isn’t this just another iteration of mainstream American politics that always seeks to blame individuals?

First and foremost , blaming the unvaccinated for the crisis and being in lock step with the insurance company’s is barbarism and is just like Ronald Regan’s politics of personal responsibility. I’m not advocating for the anti vax views and I’m not suggesting they should be free of judgement, but giving into a system that seeks to charge them more isn’t left in any way.

Part of the crisis right now is our emergency rooms being the front lines of healthcare and the ICU’s filling up with the unvaxxed. Whatever they may or may not pay for coverage doesn’t build more hospital capacity (that the Federal Government refuses to do) nor is it going to magically lead to the masses of them getting jabs. Anti Vax ideology is all over the place and is based in mistrust of the healthcare system, sending them higher bills is only going to lead to more mistrust. In the end as a communist I could care less about what the insurance companies make and have yet to see a good argument how these premium hikes change the crisis. As a child my working class parents struggled to cover me and my brother with health insurance, I stand with all children who are vulnerable under for profit healthcare. Are left wing people supporting rate hikes for all working class families with kids who won’t vaccinate now?

Finally what type of message does it send for left wing people to stand with Democrats and insurance company’s against the unvaxed? This is all a giant red flag of bitterness , incompetence and more of the same from “the left” if they choose to stand for this. Part of the Obamacare reforms was not charging more for preexisting conditions , it was at least a small step forward from dividing the working class via health insurance. As far as I understand, raising rates on the unvaccinated is legal and nor would I claim its a “preexisting condition” but I’d still assert this is a right wing step backwards to charge them more. The left can’t stand with the political class and health insurance against the anti vax crowd, the left must reach the people where they are at. The left should stand with human dignity , recognize the complex reasons why people don’t trust vaccines and work towards policy’s that unite people towards public health.